Results of Centesimal Potencies in Homeopathy Treatment

In the course of preparation of effectiveness of the drug substances related to liquid, 3 scales are used. Among these scales is a centesimal strength, which consists of more than 90% medicines used in homeopathy. When the potencies are prepared from the solid compounds, mostly a decimal scale is applied. The trituration has to attain a potency of 6x in order to get suit the category of liquid potency and get dealt with consequently. After 6x, when it is converted to liquid dose type, it is generally prepared in centesimal effectiveness.

Info on Centesimal Potencies

The scale of centesimal is largely based on the sole concept that the primary potency should consist of the hundredth part of the drug that is initial and likewise each of the succeeding potencies. The designation of the scale is done by suffixing the letter ‘CH’ or ‘C’ to the number that shows the effectiveness. Hence the first effectiveness will be called 1CH or 1C. This will definitely be followed by 2CH or 2C. Hence it can be presumed that the variety of the potency will be suffixed before the scale.

Exactly how is Centesimal Potency Prepared?

The centesimal strength has a method of preparation in order to dilute and increase the potency in an organized way and to avoid unfavorable effects of unrefined drugs. The actions consist of:

Step One

A single part of the mom tincture is made to dilute in practically 99 parts of an alcohol and water mixture (90:10 ratio).

Step Two

The liquid is well then made to do succession(stroke) at least 10 times in its own bottle. This is done by striking the base of the bottle very firmly against palm or hard flexible compound. The liquid that is produced as a result of this method is called the 1C strength.

Step Three

One part of the 1c strength is diluted again and after that successes in the 99 parts of alcohol and water mix. The outcome is called as the 2C remedy.

Step Four

This constant process of succession and dilution is referred to as potentiating. This process is more repeated in the exact same fashion in order to produce really high effectiveness of the solution.

Homeopathy treatment with centesimal treatments is very common. The process which is used to produce this particular strength is so efficient that it speeds up the process of treatment instantly. The client gets treated immediately and there are no negative effects. Such is the efficiency of this process that it has actually treated millions of clients considering that the past 2 centuries.